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Time is an oddity. Its measurement an invention of ingenuity allowing for coordination, collaboration, and synchronization. While we give it power through quantification, time does not rely on our acknowledgment. It is completely free from our whims beyond the ways in which we mark its passing.

If we did not divide time into hours, minutes, and seconds it would still continue. We receive visual reminders of this fact every day. The sun passes through the sky, met by the moon at night. We experience seasons. Leaves turn red, fall to the ground, and then are regrown in the spring. As the seasons shift, birds fly south and then once again, north. We are born, we grow, we age, we pass away.

Time is a visual, visceral experience. Joe Doucet sought to capture this in his exhibit titled On Time, a collection of time-keeping devices that stray from the ordinary. Featured during NY Design Week 2012, each device functions as a clock. More than that, each represent the nature of time simply, physically, and artfully. This exhibition is a nice reminder that form should never impede function, but function should always inspire form.