It’s always interesting to look back over the past year, from where we were to where we are now, and examine what has changed. Asking “what’s new?” and “what’s different?” helps us to find our place in the constantly shifting world of design and advertising.

While it’s good to figure where we are, it’s also important to figure out our trajectory. Maybe predicting the next five or ten years is an impossibility, but PSFK had the opportunity to pick some of the brightest brains in the advertising, branding, and marketing fields. Based on their responses, the past year or so has produced some very interesting trends — we think it’s safe to assume that these trends are a good indication of the direction we’re headed.

The first is probably obvious, but we are now living in a fully digitized world. As such, there has been an exponential boost in data and success means accurately interpreting and making use of that data.

But what’s behind that data? People. The rapid increase in mobile computing has created newer, faster avenues of communication and response. Social media has driven us into an age of interconnectedness; an interconnectedness that is only going to expand.

The increase in communications has also encouraged the growth of knowledge world-wide. Therefore, emerging markets in countries like India and China are rife with potential to produce the next big ideas and game-changing concepts.

Lastly, as technology improves, so will the rate at which business is done. In such a fast-paced environment, connecting with clients and consumers is paramount.

In a way, the ease of our communication has come full circle. While communications are a major cause behind the rapidity and pace at which the world now moves, the two-way dialogue from mobile computing and social networking enables us to remain grounded, focused, and moving in the right direction.