Encountering billboard advertising is a relatively common experience for most people. Sometimes a billboard might be empty or in transition to a new ad, but sighting a billboard that has purposely been left blank is rare. You can imagine our surprise when we came across this article today.

Imagine a billboard that is not a billboard, but a giant “window” that shows the world beyond and every time it’s viewed, a new image awaits. Lead Pencil Studio, an architecture and art studio based out of Seattle, WA, has created just such a “thing”.

Why the quotes? Because the frame is just as amorphous as the billboard itself. Comprised of thousands of steel rods, the frame of the “billboard” is designed to look like TV static and looks like TV static it does — a common sight before television studios started selling ad space to fill the airtime between (and now during) their shows, and a fitting way to represent the absence of advertising.

While the reason behind its creation was to call attention to the fact that we’re focusing less and less on our surrounding environment and also not-so-subtle reminder to do the exact opposite, we see it in another light: inspiration for a good campaign can come from anywhere and everywhere.