Creative communications and marketing. It’s the second thing you see when you visit our page, right beneath our name.

But what does that mean? It means a variety of things. To explore new ideas. To have a conversation. To connect. To do the unexpected. We could go on, but we’ll stop while we’re ahead.

Sometimes we stumble upon something that makes us grin ear to ear. Maybe because it’s novel, or because it does something new, or because it’s a brilliant idea that we wished we’d thought of ourselves. Most of the time though, it catches our attention because it fully embodies the spirit of creative communications and marketing.

Last week, on April 24th, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese posted this cryptic message on their Facebook wall asking Kraft fans to “like” their post. But here’s the catch: by “liking” it, people were automatically agreeing to let Kraft use their name for an undisclosed purpose. People probably decided to click “like” because they were curious and wanted to see what would happen. Sometimes going with your gut can be a good thing.

Why? It was Kraft’s 75th birthday. To celebrate they decided to make a video titled Likeapella. A special thanks to our Facebook Fans. Which Facebook fans might you ask? The ones that “liked” their mysterious post.

The video features the YellowJackets a capella group lyrically listing the names of everybody that “liked” Kraft’s post and by extension, their Mac and Cheese. Although the video is a bit cheesy, it’s oddly captivating — we’d even go so far as to call it entertaining!

Moments like these truly shine in our world of creative marketing. Getting people to “like” a post for the sake “adventure” is an intriguing and “Krafty” way to market a brand. More importantly, this stunt highlights the importance of inventive interaction. It gets people talking, involved, and excited. And no matter who you are or what you do, active communication is always key!