There seems to be no limit to the lengths that brands will go for extra attention. The one-upmanship seen in Superbowl commercials are a prime example: they’re in your face and off the wall.

Before TV commercials or creative web-based advertising, one of the easiest ways for brands to grab attention was through vending machines. Once placed, they were (and still are) an eye level billboard built to instantly sell a product.

But how do vending machines stay fresh in the digital era? That answer is still being iterated upon but there are a variety of gimmicks that brands have used to increase the entertainment and attention grabbing value of their vending machines; the “Hug Me” Coca-cola machine placed at the National University of Singapore is a perfect sample of this trend.

It seems that this is only the beginning of vending machine shenanigans. Fantastic Delites, an austrialian brand of crinkle-cut rice snacks, has invented a vending machine that not only tests the willingness of people to behave like mice in a psych experiment, but also tolerance for new “religious experiences”, where bystanders are directed to bow down in front of the machine in exchange for a “tasty prize”.

What did Fantastic Delites ultimately want to find out? How far people will go for their product. You may (or may not) be surprised to find that metaphoric brand worship easily translates into physical worship. Watch the video to see for yourself!