Innovation Plus
Innovation Plus

We’ve found that often what stands between a “No…it can’t be done,” and a “Yes it can,” is simply a willingness to innovate. That’s why we’re not merely willing to innovate and experiment, we’re downright fanatic about it.

QR Codes
Linking the Physical World with the Digital World at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

At the heart of jazz music is improvisation, the ability to respond quickly to changes in melody, key, mood and tempo. So it was only fitting that we introduced Quick Response (QR) Code Technology at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival.

QR codes allowed attendees to use their smart phones (with a free app) to scan a special visual code from printed pamphlets, posters and store windows. The phone immediately accesses useful and important content from a specially designed mobile web site providing information about jazz artists, schedules, venues, show times…even directions to the venues. How hip is that?

Mobile Development
ImageOut Film Festival

The annual ImageOut Festival was in its 18th year. Obviously it was a success. However, the organizers were open to infusing the festival with a healthy dose of new thinking and energy. So we wondered: How can we make the user experience at the festival more engaging—and at the same time increase attendance? The answer: a sleek new mobile web site linked to a cutting-edge QR code program.

QR codes for each featured film were published in the program book and on posters, t-shirts and other cool spaces. Then when a film intrigued someone, they could scan the QR code and instantly watch the film’s promotional trailer! It took audience interest and film attendance to whole new level.

What’s more, a completely mobile version of the festival website allows users to build their own festival schedule, access detailed venue directions and film descriptions (plus those trailers!) and read up-to-the-minute updates via a dedicated twitter feed. The whole program is smart, interactive and oh-so plugged in. In other words, perfect for ImageOut.

Unexpected Collaborations
United Way Leadership Initiative

Another way we innovate is to expand the circle and ask, ‘who else can we get to play?’ With more players collaborating, you get more ideas – and more energy. For the United Way’s Leadership Initiative, we worked with the University of Rochester to take their leadership giving campaign to a whole new level. We developed a networking program whereby high-end donors received a ‘reward’ — an exclusive reception at the home of prominent community members.

It was a smashing success: The university built stronger relationships with donors; the entrepreneurial community member connected with a new and mostly untapped market for their products; and the donors were made to feel appreciated. Best of all, significantly more donations were raised than in previous years.

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