The first thing people usually notice about The Philipson Group is that we do a lot of design. The second thing they notice is that we do a whole lot more. In fact, many of our projects don’t fit into any one traditional category. That suits us—and our clients—just fine.

The GardenAerial
Rochester’s Next Great Park

The GardenAerial Project will transform the existing Ponte de Rennes Bridge into a stunning “bridge of flowers” and to create a new public park at the very heart of the city. With a team of fellow conspirators, we’re hatching plans (and raising funds!) for a vibrant garden and arboreal path above the Genesee Gorge near High Falls. An existing trail will be extended and a new bridge built to create a mile-long public space — the first major new park in Rochester in the 21st Century.

You see, we not only help organizations go to market, we can also create things that are worth marketing. (To learn more, visit

Greentopia Festival
Rochester’s Largest Green Festival

A companion project to, and fundraiser for, The GardenAerial is the Greentopia Festival. This festival will take place in the High Falls neighborhood on Saturday and Sunday, September 17-18, 2011. It will be a celebration of all things “green” with exhibitors, vendors, food, music, kid’s area, movement and recreation.

A community committee of over 30 members (most of whom come from the many “green-based” companies, educational and governmental entities in the region) is currently hard at work planning what promises to be a blockbuster! For more information, visit the new Greentopia site.

Community Building
Rochester’s East End Banners

Pride of place. Many cities and neighborhoods have it. But far too many don’t. After locating our offices to Rochester’s East End district, we immediately realized we were working in a lively part of town. But it was one that lacked an identity and self-regard commensurate with its palpable charms (and oh so charming people).

Fostering collaborative teams is our forté, so we brought together City Hall, merchants and creative professionals to create a series of provocative street banners celebrating the East End. At the ribbon cutting even the mayor showed up, so gosh, we must have done something right.

Now Promoting: The World

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Brand Worship

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