About the Firm

The Philipson Group is a strategic communications and new arts firm focused on delivering innovative marketing, smart design, memorable events and creative collaboration to consumer and enterprise marketers, nonprofits and community ventures.

Michael Philipson and Lewis Stess formed the Rochester–based company in 2008. They had first worked together in Miami where Lewis was Chief Development Officer for the American Red Cross and Michael founded and led a thriving design firm.

From the very beginning, the company has placed a premium on innovation and experimentation. Michael and Lewis have always believed it was crucial that they offer their clients the freshest thinking to give them a competitive advantage.

Today, innovation remains a vital part of the firm’s DNA. “That’s partly out of necessity but also out of a real desire to help our clients with change”, says Michael. “We were—and are—relatively small and lean, so we can approach things from a different perspective and can often be more flexible and bold in our approach.