1 March, 2011
QR Code Scanner for “Dumb” Phones
Categories: Blog, Mobile, QR Codes

QR Codes have been intricately integrated into U.S. society through advertising, marketing and public relations stunts. Though initially the codes could only be read by smartphones (Android, Blackberry and iPhone), Scanlife is providing a new system that will allow “dumb” phone users (as opposed to smartphone users) to experience the magic of QR Codes. Introducing “Scan and Send.” The system works on all industry standard barcodes, like QR Codes, Datamatrix, EZcode and even UPC codes.

The concept of “Scan and Send” is quite simple. First, take a picture of the code with your cellphone. Then send the picture in a text message (MMS) to 43588 or send it in an email to scan@scanlife.com. Scanlife will then send back the information that the code leads to.

However, there are a few setbacks to the system. Currently, “Scan and Send” is only available to wireless users on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, the three largest carriers. Scanlife foresees the service being offered on a fourth network in the near future.

Setback number two. Data connectivity is required to use “Scan and Send” as well as the Scanlife app. Many individuals with cellphones other than smartphones have these devices to cut down on the extra cost that is attached to smartphones and data plans. Furthermore, though the service is free, users may be charged standard data rates depending on their phone plan. Sending the code will not break the bank, but wireless carriers will tack on fees for browsing the Internet and other data needs.

These issues should lessen as technology advances further. The rate of smartphone users is increasing and will continue to rise, but for now we can find entertainment in the battle for the superior smartphone. Click here to read the full article.